Live Webinar: Claims, Courts & Cash - Management of Receivables & Litigation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Announcement of new Regional Headquarter Requirements in KSA

21. February 2021  

Covid closes, Saudi opens. The Kingdom has become a steadily evolving place of increased focus for global investment and business at an unprecedented pace but the impact of pandemic has given rise to number of disputes and importance of claims, courts & cash management and understanding the intricacies involved in the litigation process has become of utmost importance for the businesses. Therefore, in the current times, preparation for and seeking opportunities to avoid litigation prior to the loss even occurring has become an integral part of the claim management process.

In this webinar on February 24, 2021 at 12 pm (UAE time) hosted by SCHLÜTER GRAF in cooperation with GESALO, Partner Andrés Ring and Associate Heinrich Köllisch will provide you with an overview on important facets of claims management and litigation in KSA. They will furthermore discuss the recent announcement on regional headquarter requirements which is set to be effective from 2024 onwards. As per this announcement, government projects will only be awarded to companies whose regional headquarters are located in the Kingdom.

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