Overhaul of the UAE legal landscape through amendments in the Personal Status, Civil Transactions, Penal Code, Criminal Procedural laws of the country.

8. November 2020  

On Saturday 7 November 2020, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan President of United Arab Emirates issued federal law decrees pursuant to which sweeping changes have been made to the existing legal landscape of the country. The changes among other thing have been introduced with regards to inheritance, alcohol consumption, honour crimes, divorce and cohabitation. The following are the major takeaways from the introduced changes: · No leniency will be afforded to honour crimes and these will be treated with the same severity as any other crime; · Inheritance matters will now be dealt under the laws of deceased’s home country; · Alcohol consumption in the UAE no longer remains a criminal offence; · Cohabitation of unmarried couples has been decriminalized; · Acts of attempted suicides have also been decriminalized; and · Tougher punishments for harassment and other offences against women.