Agency, Distribution & Franchise

In the GCC, agents, distributors, and franchises are popular ways of expanding business into the region without considerable costs. Businesses that opt for third-party relationships such as agency or franchise systems face a myriad of legal issues in pursuing their business goals.

SCHLÜTER GRAF offers its client a multidisciplinary team of attorneys to deal with all the facets of third-party relationships, ranging from establishing and restructuring of distribution networks, drafting agency, franchise and distribution agreements, and helping business which want to get out of third-party relationships.

We specialize in UAE Agency Law and our dynamic team of lawyers is well-versed with the UAE’s peculiar and intricate Commercial Agency Law. With over 25 years of presence in the region, we have advised numerous national and international clients on the contentious issues of agency termination, while keeping the interests of our clients intact. We have represented several companies in registration and deregistration of agency partnerships from the commercial agency register at the Ministry of Economy.

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